Hello and welcome to my fellow RawCritics!

If you are new to play-by-post or to Obsidian Portal (or you haven’t been here in two years like me), I recommend checking out the tutorial videos to get an idea of how this site works. Those videos can be found here.

Here’s an explanation of play-by-post (pbp) from the Giant in the Playground forums:
A play-by-post, or PbP, game is any game that is normally played face-to-face or on a tabletop played by posting to a web-board. Types of games might include Roleplaying Games (RPGs; e.g. Dungeons and Dragons), Strategy Games (e.g. Diplomacy), and Freeform Games. For most of the explanations and formats found in this explanation, see Giant in the Playground’s Guide to Play by Post Games.

System: Pathfinder
Player Count: 4-5
Allowed Content:

  • Core Rulebook
  • Advanced Players Guide
  • Any other references from Paizo or WotC must be approved per instance

Character Creation: OP Character Sheet system
Backstory: The more the better, and the more rewards. You have all worked together in the past, are an established party, and have reason to trust each other. Your party is registered with the local Mercenary’s Guild. Please feel free to create a wiki page for each character and/or for the party as a whole.
Level: 8
Wealth: Standard
Ability Scores: Roll 3d6, reroll 1s. 2 free points to apply as you choose. Nothing above 20 before racial.
Hitpoints/Health: Max at 1st, reroll 1s
Alignment: Choose a general party alignment together and fit that to your character